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Tax and Assessment


Provincial Legislation requires that the municipality bill and collect taxes on behalf of;

  • the Province 
  • local School Division #40, #41 & #43 for education purposes
  • municipal taxes in order to provide essential services to the Municipality

Taxes are calculated from January – December, with the due date being October 31st of each year.


Penalties on amounts left outstanding after October 31st are calculated and applied on the first day of each month at a rate 1.25% per month.

As of October 1, 2023 the RM of Whitehead will no longer be offering discounts for early payments.  A TIPPS program is now available for your 2024 taxes.  

Please visit the Payments section of our website for more details.

 Whitehead - Payments ( 

Education Property Tax Credit

For 2023, Rural Municipality of Whitehead residential and farm properties will receive a a rebate cheque issued by the Province of Manitoba for 50% of the school division special levy, as reflected on your 2023 municipal property tax notice. Rebate cheques will be issued in the month of October.

Further information on the Education Property Tax Rebate can be found in the link provided below or call Manitoba Government Inquiry at 1-866-626-4862.

Province Of Manitoba Education Property Tax

Farmland School Tax Rebates

Farm property owners must still apply for the Farmland School Tax Rebate. Notices are sent out by MASC in October.

Further information on the Farmland School Tax Rebate can be found in the link provided below. 

Farmland School Tax Rebate Overview

If you do not receive your statement by end of July, please contact our office so that we can email you a copy.  Tax statements are mailed to every property owner even if the taxes are paid by a mortgage company.  If you do not receive your tax statement, it is possible that we do not have your current mailing address.  This also means that you might not be receiving important notices and circulars throughout the year.  It is your responsibility to keep your address current with us. 

You must make your payment(s) on or before the due date to avoid penalty, whether you physically received your tax statement or not. 

New to the RM of Whitehead?

If you have purchased your property this year, but have not received a tax statement, please contact our office and we can email you a copy.  We do not reissue tax statements to purchasers.  It is your lawyer's responsibility to inform you of your tax obligations, but we will be happy to assist you in providing the information you need.

Contact our office at 204-752-2261 for general tax questions.


n Manitoba, property is assessed at market value in accordance with The Municipal Assessment Act. Market value is the most probable selling price of the property had it been sold by a willing buyer to a willing seller. Regular reassessments, done every 2 years, ensure the property assessments keep pace with real estate market conditions, and taxes are distributed fairly to property owners.

Assessment notices are prepared by Provincial Assessment Services in the fall of each year for the following taxation year.  The values are based on market values from 2 years prior.

On new construction assessment services may physically inspect the property and if buildings are removed, a demolition permit should be obtained from the RM Office and the assessment branch will be notified in order to remove this assessment.

Preliminary 2023 Assessment for the RM of Whitehead

Property owners who disagree with the assessment of their property should contact the Assessment Branch to discuss their concerns with an assessor at 204-726-6001.

If the property owner and the assessor are unable to agree on the value of the assessment the property owner has the right to appeal the assessment to the Board of Revision. 

The Board of Revision is composed of the Municipality of Whitehead Council. 

The Board sits annually, usually in November of each year to hear appeals. Applications for appeals can be filed at anytime but must be filed with the Municipality of Whitehead at least 15 days prior to the sitting of the Board. Contact the municipal office for this year’s date.

The Province of Manitoba has provided a property search tool that is now available to the public.  Please click on the following link to be redirected to the search page. 

The property search feature provides several methods to help you find the roll number and assessment details for properties in Manitoba.

If you do not know the municipality that a property is located within, you can use the MAO Map Search to select its approximate geographic area. The map searches can be made on successively smaller areas. Click on the image of the map to access the map. Your browser must allow pop ups in order for this feature to work.

If you know which municipality the property is located within you can search for the roll number by using the civic address, certificate of title number or legal description.