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A Building Permit is required prior to the start of any work on farm or residential buildings if you intend to:

Excavate, construct, alter, reconstruct, relocate, addition to any structure or change of use of a building(s). 

You do not require a building permit for:

General maintenance such as painting, re-roofing, repair of building components, provided that it does not increase the size of the structure, increase the structural load, or decrease the load carrying capacity of structural members.

A permit is not required for lighting, flag poles, water wells, unenclosed patios and other landscaping features, temporary signs and notices, such as real estate signs and building under 100 square feet in floor area provided they do not create a hazard.

Despite not requiring a permit, all building and structures must comply with and are subject to the Municipal Zoning By-law, and any other by-laws or requirements of any other Governmental Department.

Any structures of 6,456 square feet or 600 square meters, please contact the office of the Fire Commissionaire at 204-726-6855 or 

Building permit approval takes 4-6 weeks.  


Building Permit

Conditional Use

Variation Use

Development and Zoning By-Laws:

Development By-Law

Zoning By-Law