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Appealing Your Assessment

In Manitoba, property is assessed at market value in accordance with The Municipal Assessment Act. Market value is the most probable selling price of the property had it been sold by a willing buyer to a willing seller. 

Regular reassessments ensure that property assessments keep pace with real estate market conditions, and taxes are distributed fairly to property owners.

Property owners who disagree with the assessment of their property should contact the Assessment Branch to discuss their concerns with an assessor. 

If the property owner and the assessor are unable to agree on the value of the assessment the property owner has the right to appeal the assessment to the Board of Revision. 

The Board of Revision is composed of the Municipality of Whitehead Council. 

The Board sits annually, usually in November of each year to hear appeals. Applications for appeals can be filed at anytime but must be filed with the Municipality of Whitehead at least 15 days prior to the sitting of the Board. Contact the municipal office for this year’s date.